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Promise Rescue invites you to join us in saving lives. Your level of expertise does not matter. The important point is to GET INVOLVED. Seeing these incredible animals come out of their shells is so rewarding, sign up and experience it for yourself!

  • Transport. Promise Rescue needs help with transporting the rescue animals in our program. Whether it be driving a dog from a shelter to its new foster home or escorting a dog to one of our participating vets for medical care, we need your help. Sometimes supplies even need a ride to a location.

  • Fundraising. Promise Rescue is a non-profit organization that is continuously in need of additional funds. We use these funds to pay for the medical needs of the rescue animals. If your specialty is fundraising, we need your help!

  • Meet & Greets. Promise Rescue needs volunteers and dogs to staff a number of fundraising and adoption events in the Chicagoland area on various weekends weekends. If you would like to get involved in any of these events, please fill out a volunteer form or email us with any questions at

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