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After much planning and preparation, construction on the rehabilitation and mental wellness center started last week, and we are very excited! We will continue to place our dogs into Foster homes, because it truly helps them more. In a perfect world, each dog would be placed in a foster home but it is clear that foster homes aren't for everyone. Some dogs need some more evaluating, socialization, and mental wellness, before entering into a foster home. In return, this center will truly help. Our great group of dedicated directors, volunteers, and trainers that are educated and experienced in dog behavior will be working with these dogs to help them move forward into their loving homes. 

Our mission to help misunderstood dogs and dogs that have been mentally broken down from abuse and neglect, comes with a great responsibility. We make every effort to rehabilitate and find a forever home for each dog that comes through our program. Although we do multiple evaluations, and hours upon hours of training and even reach out to behavior specialists for help, unfortunately there are times we will have to humanely and peacefully send dogs across the rainbow bridge.


I say this to explain to the public that our first concern is the PUBLIC. I have worked with behavioral animals for 16 years, mostly horses and dogs, and I want to be honest to our followers and supporters. We take in anxiety, reactive, unsocialized, fearful, shut down, unmannered due to no proper guidance, "no dog" dogs , and minor behaviors. 

I believe every dog deserves a chance and should feel love. If they can't be rehomed due to being a danger, we at least showed them love and they had a nice big property to run and play.

Please help us carry out our mission. The estimated total for this project to be completed is around $12,000.

Menards gift cards are greatly appreciated and if you would like to donate directly to us please click on the link above.
We are a 501c3 non-profit organization. Please message us with any questions you may have.

 I would like to say a HUGE thank you to our contractor, Chad Hull, for all his hard work and dedication to make sure this will be perfect for our dogs. High ceilings, much lighting, and bringing as much feeling of home as possible!!


                                                                                             Thank you to all!

                                                                                            Amanda Denwood

                                                                                       President, Promise Rescue

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